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Carpet repair can be an economical solution to damaged carpets, and our cleaning company can help you determine whether that is a viable option for your home or business.

Aside from the monetary cost of replacing a carpet, there is also the hassle of moving all your furniture, the time involved in the installation of the new pad not to mention the carpet itself and the concern that it will not be the perfect match for the rest of the furnishings in your home. That is when repairing your carpet may be a sound alternative.

If your carpet was not installed properly and has not been stretched to its fullest extent, you may find it has ripples. Add to the improper installation , you may be in need of some carpet repair. Rippling, wrinkling, buckles, bumps and waves are common problems that can be relatively easily fixed by re-stretching – and fixing these things can really transform the way a room looks.

Do you have holes, burns or tears in your carpet? Our carpet repair service can use any extra carpet you may have to replace the damaged sections. Don’t have any extra carpet from when it was installed? No problem. Often we can use a piece taken from a closet; in turn, the closet piece can be replaced with a similar piece of carpet remnant that a carpet distributor may have in stock.

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